Immerse yourself in a world dominated by the Nordic trend. Hunted-after knits, rich heritage textures, and warm natural tones are all paying tribute to the boreal powers that be.


Heather wool cardigan


The Himalayan Parka

Having proven its worth on the world's tallest mountains, the Himalayan parka from 1994 has fine-tuned its features for today's urban winters, from its XXL puffer silhouette to its warm, responsible down.

The North Face

HMLYN quilted parka


Fuss-Free Shirts

A light, comfortable, easy-care, and non-iron weave that makes the everyday easier.

Le 31 Exclusive

Geometric jacquard shirt

Save 45%

Boxy T-Shirt

Loose fit, tight-neck collar, recycled
cotton, muted colours.

These are the traits of a T-shirt built
to accomodate your new normal.

Djab Exclusive


Djab recycled cotton boxy men T-shirt at Simons

Seasonal Comfort

Our eco-friendly loungewear is as relaxing as a walk in the woods.

Le 31 Exclusive

Eco-friendly alpine lounge joggers

Eco-friendly fibers alpine lounge joggers by Le 31 for men at Simons

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For Gift Ideas

With our endless selection of gift ideas, you'll never be at a loss of what to get!

For decor lovers, fashion enthusiasts, eco-savvy-ists, fans of streetwear, and those whose style errs on the side of formal, there's something here for everyone! There's no wrong time to surprise someone with something special. Get inspired!

A menswear guide full of practical
solutions adapted to your everyday.

The Sherpa Trucker Jacket

To adopt: Faux fleece that fuses with the legendary jean jacket for a hint of heritage.

Jogger Chinos

To adopt pronto: this number's modern details and the comfort of stretch organic cotton.


Organic cotton jogger chinos


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Exclusively in Canada at Simons

Visit a vibrant world where the label's logo framed
in its signature green shade reigns supreme
along with '80s street art by Keith Haring.

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Nedvin Suit

It's Scandinavian chic fine-tuned to your personality.

Nedvin suit by Tiger of Sweden at Simons
For a limited time
20 %

Every detail is thought out, studied, and designed for function to help your transformed everyday be the best that it can be.

Face Masks

A protective essential for your everyday that's becoming a way to state your style.


New future fabric face mask

Bamboo Underwear

Solid bamboo rayon trunk

Save 30%
Bamboo Underwear solid trunk for men at Simons

The comfort and refreshing feel of bamboo rayon boxers: nothing beats it!

30 %


Until stocks run out

Over and Out

1. Put on an overshirt.
2. Out the door you go.

Djab organic cotton corduroy overshirt for men at Simons

The World Is Your Playground!

Breathable base layers, a thermal sherpa, and a packable puffer: the three things you need to enjoy the great outdoors.

Let's encourage Canadian businesses from coast to coast.

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